Professional Composition and
Sound Design

Mark Taylor, Birmingham UK

 I really enjoyed this and I think that it is probably one of the best things I've heard... Mark's tracks all have a recognisable style, a style that seems to be quite unique to him — a hard thing to achieve. 

Felix Cemmell - ‘The Wire’ magazine

 As a composer, Mark is assured and confident, but it's his deliberate use of quirky melody lines which I believe makes his work stand out to potential clients. An ordinary sounding melody needs only one note changed to become a different beast altogether, and Mark seems to be a master of this trick. 

John Harris - 'Sound On Sound' magazine

 It is a good classy product; it sounds professional. 

Producer John Leckie - Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Muse

 These are fantastic tracks. It was a nice mixture of styles and the production was excellent. 

Jo Harrison - Abbey Road Studios, BBC Music Live, DAT Productions

 There is a healthy kick going on here, akin (in parts) to some of Goldie's mellower moments. 'The Beat That Time Forgot' is a mesmerising yet lilting piece, with hypnotic, expertly programmed drum parts and sublime orchestration. 

Nick Serre - 'The Mix' magazine

 This music is quite liberated from convention. 

Jona Lewie - ‘Ivor Novello’ award-winning songwriter
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Mark Taylor (Chameleon Music) - Birmingham, UK

Original music and sound design for all media since 1994.

TV // Live Theatre & Multimedia Events // Radio // Advertising // Film // Games

All of the composing, arranging, performing and recording is done in my own private studio.

I have provided music and general sound design for productions all over the world – USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, UK, Panama, Ireland, and mainland Europe.

Always interested in providing music and sound design for local projects around the Birmingham area.

Clients have included:
  • Castrol UK – Remix of their classic jingle + single release
  • RTE (Irish National TV and Radio - theme music for weekly chat item)
  • Chevrolet Malibu - short marketing film on MSN
  • PBS (US TV Network) – ident / jingle
  • Fifteen (festival of short plays from some of the UK’s most exciting artists and playwrights) //
  • Bally Technologies – orchestral music for a Pirate themed casino game
  • Nocturnal Works – menu music for ‘Eleusis’… a 3d first-person adventure game
  • – underscore 
  • BBC World Service – documentary on asylum seekers
  • Catalyst Design on behalf of TV’s interior designer Tess O’Hara – Ident / Jingle 
  • Novelist Maria Isabel Pita - Underscore for a promotional video

One of my tracks has been beamed into space from the Goonhilly satellite earth station in Cornwall, UK.

It took just 5 hours to go beyond the solar system and is now well into deep space.

If aliens do finally arrive and they look angry, you know who’s probably to blame!

Consonance and Dissonance in Music

Consonance and Dissonance in Music

Consonance and Dissonance in Music - do we really understand what these terms mean?

Tonality is Not Dead!

Tonality is Not Dead!

Tonality is not Dead!

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  • Birmingham, United Kingdom